Adult Yoga

I teach various types of adult yoga to all levels and abilities.  From power yoga to restorative yoga, there is something for everyone. I teach vinyasa flow, power, hatha, and restorative.  Please check my schedule for current public classes that I teach.  I am also available to teach corporate classes, small groups and private sessions.  Please contact me with any questions you have.

Seniors Yoga

I began teaching yoga to seniors in 2011.  These classes are more gentle and will use props, including chairs, working with seniors with limited mobility.  If you are a senior, please contact me and I can help direct you to which class will suit your needs best.

Kids Yoga

I love teaching kids yoga!  As a mom, I am passionate about children.  I currently teach weekly classes to children at a local daycare/preschool.  I have instructed children in  public yoga classes, schools and camps.


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